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Patanjali Place: Adventures in Yoga Philosophy

The Patanjali Place: Adventures in Yoga Philosophy series consists of ten original stories about the yamas & niyamas (featured in our YogaYAMA classes!) with beautiful illustrations by Isabel Arnaud. Find out more about the inspiration behind this series at

Book #1, Behind Mogo’s Mask is now available! Purchase Behind Mogo’s Mask in hardcover at or in paperback or ebook at

ROARingly fun yoga adventure story that teaches empathy and kindness

Fed up with getting teased about his flat teeth, a hungry young lion named Mogo crafts a scary mask with monstrously sharp teeth. Mogo loves his mask. With one “ROAR!!!” he can take anything and everything he pleases, including a cool motorcycle that takes him far from home. One day, he meets Finn, an old tortoise who will not allow Mogo to take his lunch. Nor is Finn content letting Mogo believe that scaring others makes him powerful. Finn has a plan to help Mogo discover his true inner strength, but is Mogo ready to give up his beloved mask? 


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It is vital that when educating our children’s brains that we do not forget to educate their hearts.

H.H. Dalai Lama XIV
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