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YogaYama Programs

All of our programs consist of one hour-long class per month for ten months.
Join us for the full program or for a single class.

Each class focuses on one principle of yoga philosophy (one of the ten yamas & niyamas). We learn about that principle through storytelling, yoga poses, meditation, breathwork, and class discussion. Parents/guardians/caregivers are welcome to join the class! We also send home a summary of the class and a few conversation prompts to help adults and students reflect on these ideas together at home.

If you participate in the full ten-month program, we will email one short practice video per week to help students and families practice their new skills and keep the conversation going.

Upon completion of the 10-month program, we celebrate! Students receive a very special gift for their dedication to the course and their continuing commitment to spreading joyful connection.

YogaYama Magicians, ages 4-6

Learn how to turn frustration into connection like magic! In this class, students build a vocabulary for talking about emotions and develop techniques for better impulse control. To not disappoint kids who might not appreciate the delightful “magic” of diffusing potential melt-downs, we will also learn a legit magic trick in each class.

YogaYama Royals, ages 7-10

Explore your inner riches! Students discover how yoga can help cultivate creativity and focus so they can share their brilliance with the world.

YogaYama Warriors, ages 11-13

Conquer tweenhood like a warrior! Learn how to mindfully channel that tumultuous tween energy and connect with peers authentically. We will also discuss how social media influences our sense of self.

YogaYama Sages, ages 14-16

Become a master of your body and mind so you can start building the life of your dreams. Instead of centering the classes around Kim’s original children’s stories, we learn the wisdom of the yamas and niyamas through examples in social media, movies and television.

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