4/7/20 Ahimsa ~ Kindness

Sukhasana, "Happy Pose"

Theme: Ahimsa ~ non-harming, kindness

Story: Clarence Goes Out West and Meets a Purple Horse, by Jean Eckman Adams

Pose of the day: Sukhasana ~ “Easy” or “Happy” Pose

Today’s class begins with a centering meditation.

With strength from the Earth, and light from the stars, I share my goodness with friends near and far

Then we warm up our bodies with a series of poses called Surya Namaskarasana, or “Sun Salutation.”
To open our hearts and access all the kindness inside, we do a dynamic back bend called Ustrasana, “Camel Pose.” (Please do not attempt if you have lower back or neck pain).
Then we work our way to a very tricky pose called Vatayasana, “Horse Pose” in honor of Smokey the Purple Horse.
After a restful savasana, we begin our story.

“Breathing in, I feel joy. Breathing out, I share my goodness.”

Today’s story is about a pig named Clarence who goes out of his comfort zone and offers a life-changing gift to a new friend.

Ok! Find a special item that makes you smile and let’s begin!


~Do you think it was easy for Clarence to buy Smokey from the ranch?

~How do you think he felt about his decision afterwards?

~How might Clarence have felt if he said goodbye to Smokey and taken the bus home as planned?

~What would you have done?

cat giving a high five

High five!

Thanks for doing yoga with us today!

What did you think of today’s class? What are some of your reflections? Please tell me in the comments section below.

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